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Our Approach

At Dandanis & Associates we understand the need for you to have personal attention and meaningful access to your lawyers. “Be it over the phone or face to face, we recognise that clients must be able to access quality advice as and when they need it”. Developing close relationships with clients at both a professional and personal level ensures that we understand you, your goals and your business objectives. That way we can offer advice that is appropriate to you and your situation.

It is also critical that you understand exactly what is happening in your legal affairs. Two-way communication is the key. Continually updating our skills, knowledge and information technology ensures you receive accurate advice in the most timely and effective way possible.

Jim Dandanis & Con Fabiatos

Business & Property

Business is dynamic. Commercial transactions are challenging. They need not be problematic. Through our business and property law services we help you to plan, negotiate and administer your business affairs so that you can anticipate problems before they arise and deal with them effectively if they do.

We can help you with:

  • Negotiation & documentation of all commercial agreements
  • Purchase and sale of business and franchising
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Leases
  • Buying and selling property (commercial, industrial and residential)
  • Town planning
  • Subdivision and property development
  • Establishment and administration of trusts
  • Banking and Finance
  • Establishment of companies, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Shareholder/unit holder agreements
  • Distribution and licensing agreements
  • Subdivision and property development
  • Intellectual property – Trademarks & Copyright
  • Corporations law advice/Corporate Governance
  • Wills and probate and administration of deceased estates
  • Family Law

Dispute Resolution

Dandanis & Associates is conscious of the high cost of litigation. Therefore, we approach commercial litigation and mediation with one simple objective in mind – to provide the best commercial result for our client in the most timely and cost effective manner. Our success in dispute resolution stems from thorough preparation, sound strategies and selection of the most commercially realistic and suitable course available.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Pre-emptive advice on potentially litigious commercial issues
  • Representation before the Courts including disputes relating to:
  • Contractual disputes
    • Partnership, shareholder and director disputes
    • Trade practices litigation
    • Building disputes
    • Distribution and franchise disputes
    • Leases, purchase and sale of business disputes
    • Banking and finance litigation
    • Family Law
    • Any other disputes relating to our areas of practice
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolutions

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